Sample Recipe Development and Writing

Food brings people together. Recipes create memories.

Exclusive and Original Meal Ideas for Editorials and Brand Promotion

Recipe Development: Research and Develop new recipes based on trends and latest market demands

Recipe Testing: Test and adapt existing recipes; new product testing and recipe adaption; metric and international systems available for all recipes; Concept to Production

Recipe Writing: Expert and professional recipe writing on demand; Excellent track record, immediate response and turn-over can be within 1 working day

Concept to Production:

Expert Food Preparation, Professional Styling and Photography, Premium Props and Supplies

                                  The start                      The end

Fool-proof: Simple, delicious and reliable recipes from Starters to Desserts

Themed Recipes: Cultural and Seasonal Recipes on demand

Ingredient Specific: Gluten Free, Single ingredient development, Kid-friendly

Click on recipe images for samples

Ingredient Specific TOFU Project:Commissioned by Morinu BV Europebuilding a meal from scratchBuilding a Perfect Meal by Michelle TcheaMy Little SoHo KitchenMy Little SoHo Kitchen by Michelle Tchea

Brands you can trust

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