Science/Health/Nutrition expert

Michelle Tchea began her international career in Research and Development as a Chemist. With an education in Biomedical Science and Physical Chemistry, accolades in the form of scholarships and awards like graduating at the top of her class (Summa Cum Laude) inspired her to take on positions in Product Innovation, Health and Nutrition and also Mining.

Despite her knowledge and abilities to work in a field dominated by male scientists she ventured out seeking new positions in Corporate. Her desire to educate, inform and communicate what she learnt in the laboratory persuaded her to develop her own business and pursue a vocation that allowed her to be more than just an expert but a trusted talent.

Armed with a scientific mind, the skills to create educative pieces on various topics in a digestible manner, her writing skills and original ideas are highly requested by editors. Whilst her forte is writing on Health and Nutrition as well as Scientific discoveries and Food related Health pieces, Michelle welcomes opportunities in combining her other passion Travel and Food into her web of expertise.

Strong work ethics, reputable capabilities of meeting deadlines and working to suit various styles and formats – Michelle is a highly sought-after professional looking for more networks to entertain, educate and captivate – including yours.

Late 2011, saw the release of Michelle’s book Building a Perfect Meal (Marshall Cavendish and Penguin Publishers) whilst in 2012 sees another milestone in her career with the publication of another potential Bestseller Signature Dishes (New Holland Publishers). Michelle currently writes for and has worked for the following well known international online and print publications: South China Morning Post (Health and Travel), Clean Eating Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine (Australia), IMPACT Health and Fitness Magazine (Canada and USA), PIE Magazine (USA and Canada), Kyushu Walker (Japan) and  Malaysian Air (Travel).

Recent Publications


SHAPE Magazine – Asia

SHAPE Magazine (1)SHAPE - 1 - page2

SHAPE - Michelle Tchea - 3 SHAPE - Michelle Tchea - 4

Clean Plates Magazine Australia

Natural Health Magazine – Australia

South China Morning Post – Health Feature

South China Morning Post – Baby and Parent Feature

Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine – Nutrition Feature

Natural-Health-Feb-20112 1379619522_979da8fc_Clean+Eating+Mar+Apr+2010+coverimpactmag_cover OxygenMagazineCoverJuly2009_001Womens Health May 2011 df3kbjxr6ozmxj63


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