Who is Michelle Tchea ?  

Food and Beverage Professional•Food and Travel Expert•

Health and Nutrition Expert•Recipe Developer

Michelle Tchea is an award-winning writer and author of 3 best-selling books on food, travel and culture.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, the Biomedical Scientist and Physical Chemist immerses herself in a world of Research and Development in Food and Beverage.

Michelle has written 3 books:

Building a Perfect Meal (Marshall Cavendish and Penguin Publishers)

Signature Dishes (New Holland Publishers)

My Little SoHo Kitchen (Marshall Cavendish Publishers)

Working in Asia Pacific, the United States of America and also Canada, Michelle has temporarily set down roots in New York. Working with various Michelin Star restaurants (Tonbach-Traube, Hakkasan London), five star hotels (The Landmark UK, The Langham), gourmet food companies (Byron Bay Cookies, Tassal Smoked Salmon )and products (Sankido – Japanese cookware, Villeroy and Boch) she is continuously seeking out new ways to stay one step ahead of competitors and trends.

Her worldly travels, appreciation for different cultures and talents in the kitchen have given Michelle the knowledge to create recipes to suit any reputable publication. Her desire to entertain, educate and captivate audiences with food and travels gives her the edge that editors demand in this highly competitive industry. With untouched credentials in writing, as well as combining her scientific background, Michelle is in demand for her work on Health and Nutrition features, Food and Beverage work as well as memorable stories on Luxury Travel and Gourmet Food Experiences.

Michelle currently writes for and has worked for the following well known international online and print publications: AGFG – Australian Good Food Guide (Australia), South China Morning Post (Health and Travel), Clean Eating Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, SHAPE Magazine (Malaysia), Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine (Australia), IMPACT Health and Fitness Magazine (Canada and USA), PIE Magazine (USA and Canada), Kyushu Walker (Japan) and  Malaysian Air (Travel), Young Parent Magazine (Singapore), PIE Face Kids Magazine (Canada and USA) Luxury Travel (China), and Dreamscapes Magazine (Travel – Canada).

Michelle is multi-lingual, being fluent in Mandarin, various Chinese dialects and proficient in French and Japanese).

As an expert, established writer, author and highly-reputed consultant in food, health trends and luxury hospitality services, Michelle is thirsty for her next project with you.


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