Liptauer, Theresa May, and Why I Renamed This Blog

Delicious recipe !

Auerbach's Kitchen

liptauer_breadLiptauer. Served with fresh baked bread and a glass of Austrian wine, it will transport you right to Central Europe.

Traditionally served at the Heurigen, the famous vineyard taverns outside Vienna, Liptauer is one of those foods that are so unpretentious but yet so memorable. Imagine gathering outside on a warm summer evening with a group of friends, sharing a good, but simple wine and a few snacks: fresh baked bread, cheeses, prosciutto, salami and – Liptauer, a spread made of quark, butter, paprika, capers and pickles. This is truly one of my most favorite kinds of meals. However, it isn’t quite “a taste of Deutschland,” as I used to call my blog, since the Heurigen meal is a quintessentially Austrian thing. So let’s reconsider national boundaries in food for a moment, and, to prevent a misunderstanding right away, this is not going to be a culinary Anschluss.

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GIVEAWAY! Maple Syrup Tart Tatin


Maple Syrup…

We all know what every food loves to do with golden luscious maple syrup… pancakes!

but when it comes to real food, real creators and real artisans in the kitchen, I love to think outside of the box. Michelle Tchea has her top 5 ways to enjoy Maple Syrup for the Holiday Season on her website and has shared her favourite Maple Syrup Apple Tart Tatin, as shared by her friend, Laura Sorkin of Runamok Maple – she absolute expert in all-things Maple Syrup!

If you can’t wait for Maple Syrup season to begin  (around February) jump onto Michelle Tchea’s facebook page and enter for your chance to win the ultimate Maple Syrup Lovers Box Set.  The author of her new book, Chefs Collective is giving away her favourite Maple Syrup to share the joy this Holiday Season – Enter Now!

What are you waiting for Oprah LOVES

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