Michelle Tchea

Michelle Tchea is a the Managing Director of PopIntel Group, a Branding Strategy and Customer Experience Intelligence Firm. Focusing on luxury hospitality and gourmet dining experiences, she currently works with leading World’s Best Restaurants, Michelin-rated Chefs and 5-star Luxury Hotels.

Michelle Tchea focuses on the billion-dollar Chinese traveller and luxury brands to bridge East-West for successful integration into key markets

Her knowledge in the luxury hospitality and food&beverage industry makes her a highly credible professional with a great reputation among her peers. Michelle writes for some of the world’s best international magazines and contributes to high-traffic online publications like The Points Guy, Fodor’s Travel and Honest Cooking where millions of social media influencers follow her work for inspiration.


Michelle Tchea is the bestselling author of 3 books on travel and food

Building a Perfect Meal (Marshal Cavendish and Penguin Publishers)

Signature Dishes (New Holland Publishers)

My Little SoHo Kitchen  (Marshal Cavendish Cuisine Publishers)


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Luxury Travel and Gourmet Food Professional

Michelle’s worldly travels, appreciation for different cultures and talents in the kitchen have given her the knowledge to create recipes to suit any reputable publication. The luxury travel professional has the desire to entertain, educate and captivate audiences with food and travels gives her the edge that editors demand in this highly competitive industry. With a untouched credentials in writing, as well as combining her scientific background, Michelle is constantly sort after for Health and Nutrition articles for features in Magazines, Newspapers as well as radio appearances.




Recent Clippings and Credits

Savour Magazine – Jamie Oliver – First Bites

Oryx Magazine – Qatar Airways In-flight Magazine

Shanghai Daily – Travel London

Voyeur Magazine – Virgin Airlines Travel Sweden

SilverKris In-flight and Lounge Magazine

Australian Online Publications:

http://www.agfg.com.au/Blog/post/2010/09/09/Melbourne-in-the-Midst-of-Global-Foodies.aspx (Ciriculation over 40,000)




International Print and Online Publications


Dreamscapes Magazine (Canada)

Dreamscapes Magazine – Feature

PIE Magazine

PIE Magazine – Travel Feature

CnnGo – Local Insights, Global Experiences